My Story

I grew up in Southern California as the fifth of eight children - a chaotic, loud, loving family. Our vacations included treks to U.S. national parks via the cramped family van - eating sandwiches from the cooler, and sleepovers at relatives’ homes. After college, my boyfriend (now husband) and I backpacked around Europe until our money ran out, vowing to make travel a lifelong pursuit. Throughout two decades of marriage, demanding careers and raising three children; we have kept our promise to see the world. Whether juggling toddlers or teens, deadlines or business deals; we always made time for travel. We have visited many U.S. cities, over 25 countries on five continents and our list is growing. While over time our tastes have become more discerning and sophisticated; travel has shaped our perspective of the world and that of our three children. Travel is transformative for the five of us. My blog will share my passion for writing, photography, and travel -- mostly with my family, sometimes with my sisters, just my husband and I, or solo.

I enjoy simple pleasures such as great coffee and good wine, memorable meals in authentic restaurants, browsing colorful bazaars and markets, biking around a bustling city, discovering chic boutiques, reading a book on a pristine beach, enjoying a live performance, wandering in museums, taking quiet moments to admire architecture, scoring a pair of fab shoes, playing dominos poolside, and hunting for one-of-a-kind finds like pottery, jewelry or textiles that remind me when I’m home of where I’ve been.

My family also embraces nature, outdoor fun and adventure. And, we GO for it! Trekking glaciers in Patagonia, swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, diving in Fiji, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, surfing and zip-lining in Costa Rica, paddle-boarding on Lake Tahoe, hiking the rainforest in Australia, riding horses in Argentina... And, at the end of each day, resting in a comfortable hotel where we feel welcomed and safe.

The trips we’ve taken are our personal journeys, our misadventures and experiences. We start by locating our destination on a map, discussing around the kitchen table the things we want to do, learning useful phrases in the native language, and doing lots and lots of research! My goal is to teach my children that the world is small; that they need to respect and protect it, be grateful for all its gifts, and be global citizens.  

I want to celebrate wanderlust and share inspiring stories, itineraries, helpful tips and perspectives that bring my excursions to life. And, at the very least, I hope you are inspired to take that trip and get out there and GO!


Family Time, Lake Tahoe

Family Time, Lake Tahoe